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Travel Insurance In Canada

Even though Canada is bordering the US and very similar to the US, we need to remember that Canada is not the US and our health insurance plans may not cover us there.

That’s why having a travel health insurance plan in Canada is crucial, as most American health insurance plans don’t pay for treatment outside the US.  In fact, there’s nothing different about Canada compared to the rest of the world, as to whether or not to purchase travel health insurance.

Canada does have a high living standard and you will receive health and dental services that are as good as those you receive at home.  However, these services may be more expensive than services in other less developed countries.  The expensive cost of healthcare in Canada is another reason to buy a travel health insurance plan with more coverage.

On average, one of the most basic travel health insurance plans provides you and your family coverage to as much as $50,000 Canadian dollars, around $40,000 USD.  This is usually enough to cover emergency room service, diagnosis, a brief stay in a hospital, and even surgery.  However, if you have a long-term or risky health problem, or do not feel safe with only $50,000, there are plans that offer more than $1,000,000 USD in a plan!

Many companies in both Canada as well as the United States offer insurance to tourists going to Canada, so you will have a huge price range to choose from.  WIth only a while of research on the Internet, you can find a plan that fits your health needs and your budget, as well as save money.  Some insurance companies also allow you to enter your personal information, duration of your trip, and more.  You will easily get a lot of offers for coverage.  Don’t risk your financial well-being when it comes to your health!