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Warning: Cheap Travel Health Insurance

All of us like discounts, and we all want to pay less for something. That includes health insurance. However, we should remember that buying “cheap” may result in later paying more, and the savings aren’t always worth it, especially when it comes to your health and life. You should be aware that you may receive less benefits if you choose a discounted travel health insurance policy.

For example, if the plan you choose does not cover some medical costs when travelling, you may regret it later. Also, you can find better ways to cut your costs rather than simply removing the medical costs covered in your plan. For instance, if you travel frequently, you can usually get cheaper travel health insurance by buying a multi-trip plan rather than one for a single trip.

Another choice for ones who travel often is to purchase an annaul plan or a plan with the option to renew it after a certain period, for a cheaper price. Also, buying a health insurance policy for a single country may save you money as well, which is a good choice for those who are visiting relatives. Though most insurance companies offer plans that cover all countries outside the US as a whole, you can find a suitable and cheaper plan with some research.

If traveling with relatives, buying a family insurance plan is your best option in most cases. If you are an individual, you can find that buying insurance in a group can also save you money.
Also, a risky but money-saving alternative is to buy a travel plan that does not cover all medical costs, but you are co-paying for the plan. These plans are cheaper, but you will be less covered.

How much you want to risk and pay is up to you, but there are always good ways for you to save money on health insurance. Many online insurance companies allow you to use a calculator to check the cost of plans covering different medical expenses. Remember, when buying travel health insurance, cheaper plans are only a bargain if you are covered for the same expenses!