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Maternity Health Insurance: Basics

One of the biggest problems faced by Americans is the steep price of medical insurance. Over 41 million Americans are without any insurance and about 13 percent of women who become pregnant each year are not covered. That problem often leads to another problem: inadequate prenatal care. If you want to protect yourself and your child then a maternity health insurance is essential for you.

When should I buy maternity health insurance?

If you or your friend are expecting a little addition to your family do not overlook maternity health insurance. If you don’t have sufficient maternity health insurance to cover the expenses of a pregnancy you can easily become bankrupt just in the 9 months of pregnancy because of expensive prenatal care, medical checkups, ultrasounds, and other expenses. Typical maternity health insurance covers expenses such as doctor visits, hospital stays, vitamins, and even the delivery which can cost up to 10,000 dollars alone. Remember, if you have plans for having a baby the easiest possibility is to get maternity health insurance before you get pregnant because most health insurance agents consider pregnancy to be a “pre-existing” condition and thus obtaining maternity health insurance after that point may be impossible. To make sure that you are covered with maternity health insurance you should compare top health plans offered and decide upon which of the maternity health insurance offers is most suitable for you.

Alternatives to traditional maternity health insurance

There are lots of maternity health insurance options depending on your financial state. One maternity health insurance program managed by the government is Medicaid. Medicaid makes medical assistance more affordable for low-income families or individuals. There are also various other choices outside of typical maternity health insurance and the Medicaid program. These alternatives offer a discount on your health care. It is advisable to confirm that your health care provider provides discounts on certain items if paid in cash. Take monthly fees, deductibles and premiums into account.  Another alternative to traditional maternity health insurance is AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan is an excellent maternity health plan providing discounts for costs of pregnancy to people in all states excluding Alaska. AmeriPlan is able to save patients up to 50% and more on their health care services. Most state and Medicaid programs include a Women and Infant Children’s (WIC) program.  WIC is a supplemental nutritional program that assists the woman and children with basic nutritional needs for 12 months from the date of eligibility.

What if I don’t have maternity health insurance and am already pregnant?

If all else fails, you have to analyze the situation and come up with the best option with what you have to work with in order to get maternity health insurance. Even if a state does not offer CHIP, they will more than likely have some type of plan provision for low-income families who do not qualify for Medicaid. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state program offered by most states with their own state names.  The CHIP program is perfect for those who are not able to get traditional maternity insurance for health reasons, and may be helpful for finding suitable maternity health insurance.